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Scanship wins contract for Virgin newbuilds

Scanship Holding ASA has through its subsidiary Scanship AS, been awarded contracts with the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri for the supply of three total clean ship system, featuring food waste processing, garbage handling and advanced wastewater purification to meet the highest industry standard with nutrient removal.

The Scanship systems will be installed on the three Virgin Voyages newbuilds with equipment deliveries in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

"We are excited to work with Fincantieri on these prestigious projects for Virgin Voyages," says CEO Henrik Badin.

Heineken launches new in-store presentation on the Viking Line's Cinderella

Viking Line & Heineken Global Duty Free have created a powerful new in-store presentation for the beer category on board Viking Line’s Cinderella. This new category concept showcases a diverse range of premium beers and ciders in an engaging and entertaining in-store experience, adding value to the shoppers’ journey by sharing the stories behind each of the featured brands.

Launched in mid-January shoppers can discover the key elements that make the range of beers and ciders so special. For example, they can learn about the Heineken family history and the unique contribution of Heineken A-Yeast. first created in 1886, and still essential to the much-loved taste of Heineken today.

Across the displayed craft beers portfolio, shoppers can use an interactive device, neatly integrated into the display shelf. The screen invites the shopper to pick up a bottle from the display to trigger the brand-specific video, revealing the background story and tasting notes for each brand, with a selection of appealing options from across the world, ranging from Lagunitas from California, to New Zealand’s Monteith’s and Newcastle Brown Ale from the UK.

Explaining the motivation behind this interactive innovation, Koos Vrijlandt, Sales Manager Global Duty Free Heineken, said: “Our research shows that shoppers are increasingly interested in the history and heritage of our brands and they are intrigued to discover beers from across the world. This interactive tool helps them to do just that.

“We have a powerful, innovative platform here on the Cinderella with a great portfolio, plus an in-store experience that engages, entertains and educates shoppers on the category. We are excited to share a vision with Viking Line that the future growth and performance potential of the beer category will be driven by shopper engagement experiences like this.”

The new beer category onboard Cinderella is the latest in a series of innovative activities driven by Heineken in the Cruise and Ferry sector. These include the introduction of the company’s Brewlock system, a one-way keg draught solution, first launched in the cruise and ferry industry, which delivers exceptional gains in both operational efficiency and the quality of the onboard serve. The Brewlock system, winner of the “Drinks Innovation of the Year” and “Supreme Champion” in the Drinks International Travel Retail Awards 2016, is available with Heineken, Heineken Light, Newcastle Brown Ale and Strongbow Apple Cider. The Brewlock system is now featured on key cruise and ferry ships, including Viking Line.

WE Tech Solutions wins order for its Energy Storage Solution package

WE Tech Solutions, a leading energy efficiency solution provider, has received an order for its Energy Storage Solution for a series of two 17,500 dwt chemical tankers, with an option for two more.

Ferry companies are actively looking for increased use of battery power for environmental reasons. Color Line, the Norwegian company, recently signed a letter of intent to build two 160 metre hybrid power vessels at Ulstein Verft in Norway.

The tankers are built for Bergen-based Norwegian shipowner Rederiet Stenersen AS by the Chinese shipyard Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Stenersen has also selected WE Tech to deliver the permanent magnet shaft generator solution to these new builds.

Flexible and cost-effective Lithium-ion battery based energy solution

WE Tech’s Energy Storage Solution is a remarkable step forward to save even more fuel. The battery based solution provides an energy reserve that is used for electrical load peak shaving as well as energy for black-out prevention. “We have seen increasing demand for Energy Storage Solutions in the marine industry. Our Lithium-ion battery based solution can easily be added to our other solutions. This makes vessel electric power generation even more efficient and cost-effective”, says Martin Andtfolk, Sales Manager of WE Tech.

“We see great advantages in using WE Tech’s Energy Storage Solution. It can be utilised as a spinning reserve to avoid black-out and to decrease the usage of generators on low load during maneuvering. It can be also used as peak shaving to avoid the unnecessary start of additional generator sets for short increase in loads. This would result in a more optimal running condition for the generator sets remaining online. Both situations create us savings from reduced generator running hours. Consequently, there is a reduction in fuel consumption and harmful emissions”, says John Stenersen, Director Ship Management at Rederiet Stenersen AS.

WE take customers’ energy efficiency to a new level

“At Stenersen, we take pride in being at the forefront of achieving the best energy efficiency in our segment. As far as we are aware, Stenersen is the first company to have installed such equipment on this type of vessels. We believe that energy storage solutions will contribute to a stronger market position of Stenersen through sustainable competitive advantage. This is a catalyst for other companies to commit to ‘greener technology’ for the future”, says John Stenersen. Stenersen appreciates the valuable guidance and support from Enova SF through the Norwegian Energy fund.

“WE Tech’s solutions provide better design flexibility and decrease operational expenditure. With our proven technology and reliable solutions, we take our customers’ vessels to the new level in terms of the best energy efficiency and the lowest fuel consumption. That’s what makes us a leading solution provider and change-maker in the market,” says Martin Andtfolk.


MKN Connect software is now available free of charge

With immediate effect, MKN customers can access the most current version of their software whenever they want for simple communication between appliance and PC. The MKN Connect software is now available to download free of charge on the company website, the company said in a statement.

With the MKN Connect software, FlexiCombi and FlexiChef appliance users can create and organize cooking programmes easily on a PC. HACCP data can also be conveniently managed using the software as it can be visualised, archived and printed simply with just a click. The Connect Software is suitable for all appliance sizes and data transfer is by means of a USB stick.

Customers can download the software on the MKN homepage in the Service & Support section:

Tevo develops 1 A Super, Polar Code 6 ice class compliant bronze propeller

Tevo Oy in Finland says it has developed a bronze propeller to meet Finnish-Swedish ice class 1 A Super or Polar Code 6 requirements as a cost effective alternative to steel propellers.

The company has carried out tests of the product in the Gulf of Bothnia, where pack ice banks up to seven metres and sea ice of 80 cm in thickness was encountered. The tests showed that the propeller cold exceed 1 A Super ice class load requirements.

The company said the propeller it has developed suits retrofits as well as newbuildings.



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