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Cunard celebrates first anniversary of historic naming

  • Written by Teijo Niemelä
  • Category: More News

When Her Majesty The Queen named Cunard's new Queen Elizabeth during a spectacular ceremony in Southampton on 11 October 2010 she opened not only a new chapter in the history of Cunard but a new chapter in the history of Cunard Queen Elizabeths – perhaps the most significant ship name in the company's history.

Queen Elizabeth officially entered service on 12 October 2010, and since then the third ship to bear this proud name has sailed 124,375 nautical miles. Her first year has also seen her carry 52,600 guests, many of whom enjoyed the experience so much that they have travelled several times with the ship already on 28 voyages to 107 different ports. She has transited both the Suez and Panama Canals, undertaken one World Voyage and 600 of her 1,000 crew currently on board were part of the delivery team. Queen Elizabeth will spend 11 October at sea and a celebratory Dinner will be held on board.

The naming by The Queen was even more significant as Her Majesty was the only person able to claim presence at the launch of all three Elizabeths! She accompanied her mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, to the launch of the first Queen Elizabeth in 1938 and The Queen launched QE2 in 1967.

Queen Elizabeth has also become one of the most celebrated ships to be introduced in recent years and has quickly established herself in the Cunard fleet continuing in style the line's traditions established nearly 170 years ago.

"Who could forget the magnificent spectacle in Southampton last year when The Queen graciously named our new liner – the second largest Cunarder ever built? A truly memorable occasion for all of us at Cunard and around the world, and one still talked about today," said Peter Shanks, president, Cunard Line.

"Queen Elizabeth has established herself as a firm favourite and I am very proud of both the ship and her crew," Shanks added.

FCCA Cruise Conference and Trade Show closes in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Written by Teijo Niemelä
  • Category: More News

The FCCA Cruise Conference and Trade Show closed on Thursday night, with attendees and an overwhelming sense of success and achievement still lingering. A thousand professionals from the cruise industry and cruise destinations' private and public sectors must now find their ways to their various homes and home countries.

They will have plenty to ponder during their trips, as the four-day conference sessions engaged the attendees with one-on-one meetings with nearly 100 cruise executives from various departments, such as operations, purchasing, marketing and shore excursions and even the presidents and CEO's; workshops that provided insight into the cruise industry, shore excursion operations and targeting of the cruise lines and marketing from those executive and the cruise lines' presidents and CEO's; and evening functions that brought attendees together to foster communications between them and the cruise executives.

The Trade Show also will loom on the minds of all attendees, as it combined awing, creative booths with innovative and varying products, from ATV and zip line tours to t-shirts and smoothies to destinations' tourism departments and grand companies, like Aon Risk Management. The FCCA Trade Show displayed its specialization of delivering the attention of this elite audience of decision makers throughout the cruise industry to all those exhibiting and allowing for the best chance to get noticed in a setting where the executives are already considering taking on new business, fostering existing business and imparting knowledge on what the lines look for in products, shore excursions, port operations and destinations/infrastructure. This is why this year's FCCA Trade Show surpassed all of its predecessors in size and exhibits, with over 100 companies represented on the trade show floor.

The FCCA Conference and Trade Show again showed that it provides the best chance for entities doing business or wishing to do business with the cruise industry to increase their contact base with the cruise executives in attendance so that  they can present their destination or product and learn what the cruise lines look for in shore excursions, products, services, destinations and ports of call. As  per usual, it helped attendees establish a clear vision that will map the road to success in future dealings with the cruise industry.

The FCCA prides itself in bringing together the private and public sectors from  and the cruise industry. It is a symbiotic relationship between them; the more that the destinations and companies progress and learn about the industry, the more that the industry is able to grow and thrive. The FCCA promotes this mutually beneficial connection in most of its operations.

Largest ever FCCA Trade Show opens in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Written by Teijo Niemelä
  • Category: More News

Tuesday night marked the opening of the largest ever FCCA Trade Show, taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico in conjunction with the FCCA Conference. Over 100 companies are represented on the trade show floor, which will see exposure from the prestigious audience of cruise line decision makers and prominent professionals throughout the industry and cruise destinations' private and public sectors.

The FCCA Trade Show is specialized by offering publicity from this exclusive crowd in a setting focused on doing business with the cruise industry, where the nearly 100 cruise executives, presidents and CEOs in attendance are interested in taking on new business, fostering existing business and grant insight on what the lines look for in terms of products, shore excursions, port operations and destination development/infrastructure.

This focus leads to a great diversity of trade show exhibits, from ATV and zip line tours and customized products, like t-shirts and compact knapsacks, to countries' tourism departments and companies like Aon Risk Management. Anyone doing business or wanting to do business with the cruise industry has a chance of targeting some of the most important decision makers in the industry.

One of the new features-specialized pavilions-were designed for destinations to  come together as one entity to display their numerous destination products, along with larger companies that wanted increased prominence and have led to this being the largest FCCA Trade Show yet.

Former Thomson Cruises head David Selby sets up Travelyields

  • Written by Kari Reinikainen
  • Category: More News

David Selby, who until recently headed Thomson Cruises in the UK, has set up a new company called Travelyields. The company specialises in consultancy on strategic and commercial development plus product innovation and delivery and staff motivation. Selby has previously worked within Yield Management, Planning, Development and Marketing and Event Management environments.

G Adventures to introduce quad beds on Expedition

  • Written by Kari Reinikainen
  • Category: More News
Following recent reports that the price of cruising in the Antarctic is set to rise, adventure travel specialist G Adventures has announced the introduction of quad berths onboard the M/S Expedition.
"The quad berth cabins will be available for the 2012 Arctic and Antarctic season providing more capacity for travellers onboard; welcome news at a time when industry prices are set to rise, due to the recent introduction of new fuel regulations banning the use of heavy oil in this region," the company said in a statement.
G Adventures predicts that the M/S Expedition will carry a record breaking number of travellers during the 2012/2013 Arctic and Antarctic season, which will no doubt be boosted by the new BBC series, Frozen Planet, set to hit our screens at the end of October 2011. “We will be able to carry more passengers than ever before at extremely competitive rates and the long-awaited Frozen Planet series will no doubt capture the hearts of UK travellers resulting in a spike in interest to these regions,” says Michael Edwards, General Manager EMEA for G Adventures.








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