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Virgin Voyages to scrap main dining room, buffet and extra charge for specialty restaurants

Virgin Voyages, the nascent cruise line that is part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group of companies, will include dining in all the 20 plus venues onboard Scarlet Lady, its first ship, in the cruise fare.

There will be no main dining room nor a buffet on the 110,000 gross ton ship that is under construction in Italy and which is due to enter service in 2020, the company said in a statement. Dress codes and pre-allocated dining times and seating in restaurants would not be featured either. 

“Imagine you're building a city, an epic city, in the middle of the ocean (miles from civilization). Look around the world, find what's hot, ignore what's not, think about what’s next, bring it all together, and only pick the very best.” the company said.

“Our voyages are Adult-by-Design, intended to provide an elevated eating experience that reflects our sailors’ daily lives, and the lives they aspire to lead. Dine wherever you want, whenever you want, in whatever way you want, guaranteed to exceed your appetite’s (and heart’s) expectations,” Virgin Voyages said, adding that there would be a bar in every restaurant on board the ship.

 “With 20 plus eating options available and included in your voyage fare, our wide variety of eateries will have you signing up for another voyage if for no other reason than to try everything you missed out on the first time around.” Virgin Voyages said.



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