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Oliver Design wins Scottish conversion contract

Oliver Design, the Spanish interior design company, said it had won an order regarding conversion of a Turkish ferry to a luxury cruise ship for use in Scotland.

“The firm has signed a contract with the UK's Magna Carta Steamship Company, for which it completed a similar project in 2000, converting a Greek ferry into the luxury Lord of the Glens,” Oliver Design said in a statement.

The vessel now in question is to be renamed Lord of the Highlands and alterations  to it include extending the vessel's length and width, building an additional deck and completely reforming the interiors to house 50 passengers and a crew of 17.

The work will be carried out in the port of Vigo in Spain, where the vessel arrived on 22 October, while delivery is scheduled for September 2019

“Following Oliver Design's work on the two ships, Magna Carta can now offer clients unique cruises lasting several days between the North Sea and the Hebrides, via the historic Caledonian Canal, built in the early nineteenth century,” the design firm said.


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