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Italian and French shipbuilding present RDI roadmap

The Italian and French shipbuilding industry associations, Assonave and Gigan, signed a common Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Roadmap for Shipbuilding and ship supply, the two associations said in a joint  statement.

The European maritime technology industry is presently world leader in building high end ships equipped with sophisticated maritime equipment both for civil and naval purposes, thanks to continuous investments in RDI. The sector includes more than 300 shipyards and 22,000 equipment suppliers, and employ more than 900,000 skilled people, with an annual production value of € 112.5 billion.

 “The size of our industry together with the need to guarantee the long term defence and security of the maritime domain, depends on our present edge in maritime construction. Shipbuilding is strategic sector not only for Italy and France, but also for Europe. Our leadership is currently under attack by the Asian key shipbuilding countries and requires high investments in RDI to be safeguarded in the near future, as well as strong governmental support to these investments,” the two said.


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