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Diet themed cruise on MSC Fantasia in January

MSC Cruises, the Geneva based cruiseshipping company,  is launching a “dietthemed cruise” on 30 January next year with one of the most famous nutritionistsin the world, French diet specialist Dr Pierre Dukan, to give guests the rareopportunity to shed kilos, tone up and tan during a mid-winter holiday in theMediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean

"Losing weight naturally is key to theinternationally famous Dukan Diet Method, so it’s not surprising that the11-night cruise created especially for French speaking guests aboard theflagship MSC Fantasia is all about having fun, enjoying great food and beingexposed to the ship’s extensive state-of-the-art physical fitness facilities," the company said in a statement.

Even the shore excursions and walking toursof the famous cities where MSC Fantasia calls during the cruise will form anintegral part of the scientifically structured diet programme. And the highlight of the cruise will be thechance to meet Dr Pierre Dukan himself at a private onboard party. Anutritionist and specialist in food behavior for over 30 years, his 19 booksincluding the French best seller “I don’t know how to lose weight” (The DukanDiet book) have sold 2.5 million copies and brought him over 20 millionfollowers worldwide.

A team of expert nutritionists, dieticiansand a specialist physician trained in the Dukan Method will be onboard to giveprofessional advice and care throughout the cruise which departs Genoa, Italy,on 30 January and returns on 10 February. Guests will receive a Diet Kit and undergoa personal health assessment at the start of the cruise before being advised onindividual diet and sports training programmes. They will also be invited todaily workshops on procedures and technical aspects of losing weight, culinarydemonstrations, cooking lessons and themed conferences.

Dr. Dukan says he has strived to develop amethod that allows him to have fun while dieting because he himself has alwaysfought against being overweight. “This method works because you can eat asmuch as you like from a list of 100 different foods as long as you follow thementoring and monitoring of my team of experts,” says Dukan.