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Viking Grace had a successful first year

Viking Line’s newest vessel – Viking Grace – has cruised the Baltic Sea for a year now. Viking Line is very pleased with the interest the new ship has raised and its popularity during the first year. The utilization rate has been high all year and the vessel has raised Viking Line’s market share on the Turku-Stockholm-Turku route to 57.3%. The end of the ship’s first year will be celebrated with an All-inclusive Anniversary Cruise on 13–15 January 2014.

Viking Grace is the newest ferry on the Baltic Sea, and it has elevated the cruise experiences in the area to a totally new level by offering more alternatives to Baltic passengers. The vessel has raised a great deal of interest both internationally and in Finland, and it has provided a significant boost to the whole field.

"We’re extremely happy about the fact that Viking Grace has attracted a fresh group of newcomers to come and experience the cruises of the 2000s. People have been delighted by the novel design and pleased with all the services onboard, such as the various restaurants and the Spa & Wellness department," concludes Mikael Backman, Viking Line’s President and CEO.

1.3 million passengers, 130,000 fragrances sold and other figures

The first year on Viking Grace has accommodated many events. Many Finnish, Swedish and international guests as well have been keen to experience this pioneer of Baltic cruises, and the one-millionth passenger milestone was already celebrated onboard with a great deal of jubilation last September.

It has taken more than 882 000 onboard work hours a year to produce the cruise experiences. Onboard the Viking Grace, there are roughly 225 people in 40 varying tasks – ranging from cook to cruise manager and from troubadour to captain.

Viking Grace aims to serve up new experiences also for culinary enthusiasts by providing novel restaurants and food-based trends on the Baltic. At this moment, the hottest culinary trend is gourmet hot dogs with champagne. During the summer, Ramenburger – New York’s big food hit – was launched onboard, and Frank’s Restaurant has already prepared more than 1,000 of them.

The vessel’s has the world’s largest floating Tax-Free World, boasting about 10,000 varied products for sale. During the year, the shop has sold, among other things, 6,700 pairs of Converse shoes, 130,000 fragrances and 43,000 pieces of jewellery.

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