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Pocadel launches super wide B15 glass sliding / tandem door for marine use

Pocadel, the Finnish company that manufactures B15 and A60 fire resistant glass doors and glass walls for marine and offshore use, says it has up-dated and completed their product range.

Besides larger sizes in their traditional  fire rated glass doors and walls, Pocadel has totally new products such as B15 seamless glass wall and B15 tandem door without any limits in number of door leaves.  Especially the tandem door is remarkable add to Pocadel’s product range.

For offshore industry Pocadel offers light weight sound insulated glass doors and glass panels.

Pocadel has been the leading manufacturer of B15 and A60 glass doors and walls for marine use nearly for 20 years.

Pocadel was the first in the market that invented to combine fire resistant glass and aluminum profiles. Light weight and sophisticated fire rated glass doors have gradually replaced heavy steel structures in passenger ships and in offshore use, the company said.

Wärtsilä Aquarius EC Ballast Water Management System granted US Coast Guard AMS acceptance

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has granted Alternate Management System (AMS) acceptance for Wärtsilä's Aquarius EC Ballast Water Management System (BWMS). This allows all US and foreign flag ships fitted with this system to operate in US territorial waters and to discharge treated ballast water for an interim period of up to five years from the ship specific implementation date.

AMS acceptance is the first stage towards obtaining full USCG type approval. Wärtsilä anticipates having all activities necessary to gain full US type approval completed within the five year interim period.

When ratified, the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Ballast Water Management Convention will require the owners of up to 40,000 vessels worldwide to install a BWMS. However, the USCG has already implemented legislation requiring compliance with the regulations covering discharges from ships when sailing in US coastal waters. The intention of the legislation is to address the issue of invasive aquatic species being carried in the ballast water of ships and then discharged to the sea where they could possibly harm local species. The IMO ratification requires support from 35% of the world's merchant shipping tonnage. Japan and Turkey recently ratified the ballast water convention, meaning that contracting countries now represent 32.54%, just 2.5% short of the necessary tonnage. Ratification is, therefore, expected within the near future.

"With global BWMS regulations now imminent, ship owners must evaluate as a matter of some urgency the ballast water treatment technology best suited to their existing and future vessels. Our technical leadership in this field allows us to provide strong support to our customers in meeting their environmental compliance obligations," says Dr Joe Thomas, Ballast Water Treatment Director, Wärtsilä Ship Power.

Wärtsilä's Aquarius UV BWMS was earlier granted USCG AMS acceptance. Orders were recently received for 12 Aquarius UV systems to be installed in six new bulk carriers currently under construction in Japan. The AMS approval process for the Aquarius EC has taken longer than that of the UV system as it uses an active substance to treat the ballast water. The testing procedures are, therefore, more stringent.

MKN launches space saving combi steamer

Many professional chefs appreciate the multifunctionality and user friendliness of a modern combi steamer. However, some of them don’t have sufficient room in their kitchen or they need their combi steamers situated suitably for front cooking and at serving stations, where every centimetre counts. With the space saving SpaceCombi models, MKN offers a professional solution which is specially geared to these conditions.

The SpaceCombi is only 55 cm wide, yet still comparably equipped to larger models. The state of the art MagicPilot touch & slide operating concept with information steps and Favourites function, the automatic cleaning system WaveClean and the consumption display GreenInside are just a few examples of user-oriented features which make the SpaceCombi a high performance professional appliance. In addition, despite its slim width, it offers astounding capacity: 6 x 1/1GN in SpaceCombi Compact and 6 x 2/3 GN in SpaceCombi Junior.

Analogous to the FlexiCombi, the SpaceCombi is also available in the MagicPilot and Classic versions. So every user can decide for himself whether he wants to operate his combi steamer similarly to a smartphone using easy touch and swipe gestures or if a classical control system is preferred.

Seaspan celebrates completion of Vancouver Shipyard's $170 million modernization project

On November 6, Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards officially celebrated the completion of its two-year, $170M Shipyard Modernization Project ahead of schedule and under-budget.

Funded entirely by Seaspan, this project has transformed Vancouver Shipyards into the most modern facility in North America that will establish a shipbuilding and ship repair centre of excellence on the West Coast, and allow for the effective and efficient delivery of Non-Combat vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy.

“Today is a celebration for Seaspan, and words cannot express how proud I am of the incredible transformation of Vancouver Shipyards,” said Jonathan Whitworth – CEO, Seaspan. “We have built a state-of-the-art shipyard right here in North Vancouver, tailor-made to support Seaspan’s role as the Non-Combat capability provider to the Government of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS).”

The completion of Seaspan’s Shipyard Modernization Project coincides with the commencement of construction on two initial blocks for the first NSPS ship, the Canadian Coast Guard’s Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel (OFSV), slated for completion by the Summer of 2016.

“Today’s ceremony exemplifies Seaspan’s commitment to prepare its shipyard and its people to build ships for the Government of Canada,” said Brian Carter – President, Seaspan Shipyards. “With our new facilities now complete and operational, including Canada’s largest permanent gantry crane, four new fabrication buildings and a new load-out pier, we have begun our work for the Canadian Coast Guard on the initial blocks of the first Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel (OFSV). We estimate the new vessel construction work we will do for the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy will result in the creation of 5,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs over the next 20 years, produce almost $500 million per year in gross domestic product for B.C.’s economy, and mean thousands of people will get the opportunity for an exciting career in shipbuilding.”

During the Shipyard Modernization Project, 25% of the construction work in our shipyard was performed by First Nations Joint Venture Companies. Once full production on the new vessels commences in the Spring of 2015, Seaspan will also create stable work over the next decade for suppliers throughout B.C. and across Canada.

In addition, Seaspan has invested an additional $15 million to upgrade facilities at Victoria Shipyards, including a new operational centre, to support testing, trials and commissioning of the new federal vessels, work that will be complete by the end of December, 2014.

New company Nordic Gateway targets cruise industry with wide range of services

Nordic Gateway AS is a new, full scale service provider to the cruise industry for all Norwegian ports. Headquartered in Bergen, but presented by its own staff in all ports, it will strive to deliver the best service possible. Nordic Gateway has its own offices all over the country, so its own people cover every port in Norway.

Services will include:
- Port agency
- berthing arrangements
- towage
- pilotage
- check-ins, immigration & customs clearance
- garbage removal
- fresh water supply
- crew transfers & accommodation
- medical & dental arrangements
- supplies and services from approved suppliers

- Shore excursions
- city & countryside excursions
- assistance of professional guides and interpreters
- transfer & shuttle services
- car rental, including vans & limousines
- on-board specials, e.g. concerts, shows
- turnaround arrangements
- pre- & post-cruise programmes

- Logistics and warehousing in all central ports
- warehousing in all central ports
- door to door delivery
- freight forwarding by sea/land/air, 24/7
- stocklist and track&trace available for all customers in our online portal

- Marine solutions and bunker trade

"This new company will in other words be a one point stop for all cruise operation in Norway!
Our port agents will be specialised, handling only cruise vessels. Our procedures and software systems are all tailor made in order to serve fast and efficiently. Our strength lies with invoicing and transparency," Nordic Gateway said in a statement.

"With a huge database of shore excursions, we can offer something for everybody. In addition to the tours that you already offer, we will be happy to add one or two tours for each destination, or make a new tour according to your preferences," it continued.

To ensure delivery and good experiences for all tourists, Nordic Gateway has its own port coordinators and guides, located at central places in Norway so all ports are within reach of just a few hours. "In addition we have signed beneficial contracts with two of the biggest bus companies in Norway," the company said.

Nordic Gateway also offer warehousing in all central ports in Norway. "Our logistic & customs department will be able to receive any goods, and offer freight forwarding by air/sea/land 24/7. You can track and trace your shipment online, and at any time request a stock list or check yourself in our online portal.
If you are in need of other services, our solutions deprtment, including bunker trader, can assist you with just about anything. Of course, we are also available 24/7 for your convenience," it concluded.