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New company Nordic Gateway targets cruise industry with wide range of services

Nordic Gateway AS is a new, full scale service provider to the cruise industry for all Norwegian ports. Headquartered in Bergen, but presented by its own staff in all ports, it will strive to deliver the best service possible. Nordic Gateway has its own offices all over the country, so its own people cover every port in Norway.

Services will include:
- Port agency
- berthing arrangements
- towage
- pilotage
- check-ins, immigration & customs clearance
- garbage removal
- fresh water supply
- crew transfers & accommodation
- medical & dental arrangements
- supplies and services from approved suppliers

- Shore excursions
- city & countryside excursions
- assistance of professional guides and interpreters
- transfer & shuttle services
- car rental, including vans & limousines
- on-board specials, e.g. concerts, shows
- turnaround arrangements
- pre- & post-cruise programmes

- Logistics and warehousing in all central ports
- warehousing in all central ports
- door to door delivery
- freight forwarding by sea/land/air, 24/7
- stocklist and track&trace available for all customers in our online portal

- Marine solutions and bunker trade

"This new company will in other words be a one point stop for all cruise operation in Norway!
Our port agents will be specialised, handling only cruise vessels. Our procedures and software systems are all tailor made in order to serve fast and efficiently. Our strength lies with invoicing and transparency," Nordic Gateway said in a statement.

"With a huge database of shore excursions, we can offer something for everybody. In addition to the tours that you already offer, we will be happy to add one or two tours for each destination, or make a new tour according to your preferences," it continued.

To ensure delivery and good experiences for all tourists, Nordic Gateway has its own port coordinators and guides, located at central places in Norway so all ports are within reach of just a few hours. "In addition we have signed beneficial contracts with two of the biggest bus companies in Norway," the company said.

Nordic Gateway also offer warehousing in all central ports in Norway. "Our logistic & customs department will be able to receive any goods, and offer freight forwarding by air/sea/land 24/7. You can track and trace your shipment online, and at any time request a stock list or check yourself in our online portal.
If you are in need of other services, our solutions deprtment, including bunker trader, can assist you with just about anything. Of course, we are also available 24/7 for your convenience," it concluded.

Windstar Cruises streamlining with Adonis

Adonis AS (Adonis), leading providers of global maritime HR solutions, today announced that Windstar Cruises will be implementing Adonis Personnel Manager (APM) and Payroll for all their Human Resources (HR), time and attendance, crew management and payroll activities. The Adonis solution will enable Windstar to host and consolidate these processes using a central HR database, which will improve efficiencies and coordination between their vessels and their shore side crew in Seattle.

Windstar Cruises operates a fleet of small luxury cruise ships that travels to 50 nations, calling at  150 ports throughout Europe, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and Central America; they were recently listed on Condé Nast Traveler’s prestigious Gold List, coming in as the number two cruise line in the world. Adonis Personnel Manager gives Windstar the ability to seamlessly coordinate HR and payroll processes; the integrated Time Clock module enables Windstar to consolidate time and attendance, while assuring MLC compliance on work and rest hours, all from one centralized platform.

"As the market leader in small ship cruising, Windstar is attentive to all the details -- large and small -- that make their voyages intimate, unique and memorable," said Sigrid Kviteberg, Adonis Project Director.

"To be selected by Windstar, given their uncompromising standards, is a great honor, as we are working closely with their team in customizing the solution to meet their specific needs and business goals. Centralizing the crew database will dramatically improve efficiencies and coordination aboard their vessels and at their main office Seattle. The Time Clock module will help obtain full compliance with will MLC Work & rest Hours regulations at any time. We're delighted to play a small but important role in helping make each Windstar voyage a flawless experience."

DL Services launches Marine Catering Solutions website

DL Services, the maker of Marine Catering Solutions, has launched a new website: www.marine-catering-solutions.com.

The new website combines a comprehensive directory of galley equipment, installation companies, USPHS, and more. "The site will be of tremendous value to shipowners. Since years, my customers asked me to create a database about marine galley equipment, I made it and free of charge. They now save time and money of course as they will have all valuable information," said Daniel Laine, the general manager of DL Services.
Most of shipowners are looking for that kind of solutions. "With this database, many shipowners will now be able to find the right information for their galleys, bars, buffets and pantries. Everything they need will be right at their fingertips," said Daniel Laine.

DL Services is the owner of the Life Cycle System. Its service is known for on-board database, a private web-access solution with equipment inventory and life cycle solution.

The company’s main mission is to be as independent designers, to cater to their customer wishes, to actively participate in new building and modernization/refit projects, putting together food flow concepts, lay-out designs with itemized budgeted equipment specifications, turnkey specifications and installation supervision.

Scanship obtains MEPC 227(64) type approval certificates for all its AWP systems

Scanship has received type approval for all its advanced wastewater purification systems (AWP) confirming compliance with IMO MARPOL MEPC 227(64) and special area Baltic Sea with nutrient removal. The certificates are issued by DNV GL for systems fitted on vessels carrying from 100 up to approx. 9.000 people.

"This proves that suppliers to the cruise and ferry industries can deliver advanced wastewater purification systems to meet the highest effluent quality standards to date. The Scanship systems performance is in line with the most advanced land based municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. With Scanship AWP aboard, ship-owners will be in compliance with new regulation to be enforced in the Baltic Sea. It secures efficient ship operations, reduces the need for shore side receiving facilities and eliminates landing liabilities. With these approval certificates Scanship will further strengthen its market leading position," says CEO Henrik Badin.

The wastewater produced by a cruise ship equals that of a municipality with 20,000-30,000 people. With the enforcement of nutrient removal (Phosphor and Nitrogen) the whole Baltic Sea will finally have standards similar to those enacted in Finland and Sweden, in the 70s (Phosphorous) and in the 90s (Nitrogen).

FlexiCombi software updates free of charge on MKN homepage

Using the MKN FlexiCombi chefs are now always kept up to date. With immediate effect, users of the new MKN combisteamer can download their software updates directly and on their own from the MKN homepage. "Just one click and you get to the current software versions of FlexiCombi MagicPilot and FlexiCombi Classic at any time," MKN said in a statement.

"These are just as easy and intuitive to use as the MagicPilot control system itself. If you have any questions the installation instructions provide assistance and explain the required system requirements. Additional content such as sound and image files is also available now in the same way. This is all free of charge for the user and so you can be sure that you are always bang up to date in your kitchen," MKN continued.

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