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Halton offers two new solutions for 'show galleys'

The popularity of TV cooking shows has inspired many people’s interest in cooking. Therefore, most of the major cruise lines are nowadays offering cooking demonstrations at sea – chefs preparing food and dishes in front of the passengers. Some of the cruise lines provide different types of culinary schools all the way from lectures to hand-on classes. The passengers' access to the ship's operational galley is not allowed and therefore the experience must be taken outside of the operational galley. Halton offers two interesting solutions for front cooking areas.

Halton JES is a high-efficiency jet extraction system that is designed for front cooking areas or architectural cooking concepts integrating appliances with medium input power like grills, woks and heating plates. Compared to traditional hoods, JES promotes the feeling of openness. Its design and the combination of glass/stainless steel make JES aesthetically pleasing and give the cooking area its unique style.

The performance of JES is impressive. The smoke test demonstrates the synergy of JES's three features; the proximity of glass plate to the smoke source naturally increases its capture efficiency, the aerodynamic nozzle determines the aspiration direction and the glass plate amplifies the cyclone efficiency thanks to the creation of a beneficial airstream along its surface, in the direction of the nozzle. Halton JES can be equipped with a fire suppression system and UV-light technology and thanks to its reduced dimensions and its modularity, JES can be customized to meet the customer's needs. Halton JES is in use on board several major cruise ships.

One of the Halton’s latest innovations is called Halton MobiChef. The system was launched for landside applications in 2014 and ever since that it has won several awards. The Marine version of the MobiChef will be available in summer 2016. The system unleashes cooking from any ventilation ductwork and is a completely autonomous mobile cooking station. In addition, the MobiChef combines Halton’s experience and knowledge in the field of ventilation with emission control for professional kitchens and galleys.

Halton’s MobiChef can be used with all electric cooking appliances, from light-duty table top equipment to traditional 700 and 900 mm deep modular equipment. E.g. fryers, grills and woks are easily managed by this innovative mobile cooking station. This is possible thanks to Halton Capture Jet technology which ensures the highest efficiency in capturing smoke and cooking odours and a highly efficient, fully integrated and compact recycling unit which makes MobiChef completely independent from any central ventilation system.

To prevent spillage of smoke, heat and impurities, Halton MobiChef cooking area is closed on the front and the sides are “locked” by Halton’s Capture Jet technology. Capture Jet creates an air curtain which captures efficiently smoke, heat and impurities released by the cooking appliances and steers them through the high efficiency filters into an integrated recycling unit.

The touch screen

Halton’s touch screen is based on the use of clear visuals that allow easy control of the main functions. The remaining lifetime
of the filters is clearly displayed so that maintenance operations can be easily planned.

Halton MobiChef controls ensure that one is always working with the correct airflow, no more, no less. The speed of the fan is adjusted automatically to compensate for filter pressure losses as the filter gets dirty. The exhaust airflow is then kept constant, ensuring that the capture efficiency remains at its maximum level whatever the state of the filters.

MobiChef advantages:
– Enables cooking outside of galleys
– The extensive use of glass
– The completely autonomous mobile cooking station with plug and play technology
– Utilizes Halton Capture JetTM technology to prevent heat and impurities produced by cooking appliances from spreading
– The integrated and compact recycling unit
– No need to be connected to the ship's ventilation system
– The intelligent touch screen with clear visuals to control main functions

Genting Hong Kong selects Harris CapRock to transform communication services on Star Cruises' ships

Genting Corporate Services (HK) Limited has selected Harris CapRock Communications (HCC) to transform communication services onboard the Star Cruises’ fleet of six ships. Star Cruises is one of the largest cruise lines in the world and is the leading cruise line in the Asia Pacific region.

Harris CapRock will use its advanced technologies and equipment to boost bandwidth nearly 300% onboard Star Cruises’ SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Gemini, SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Aquarius, Star Pisces and Taipan ships. The solution uses Harris CapRock’s uncontended Time Divisional Multiple Access (TDMA) network. Unlike traditional TDMA networks, the uncontended network ensures access to committed bandwidth levels at all times, providing an innovation over conventional TDMA networks.

Star Cruises recognizes and caters to the unique needs of guests from the Asia Pacific region. For example, internet users in China spend five to six more hours online per week than Americans and an average of almost 90 minutes per day on social networks. With this enterprising project, Star Cruises will satisfy guests’ who desire premium connectivity and accompanying services.

MSC Cruises and Marlink to enhance guest connectivity across fleet with new technology

MSC Cruises announced that it has worked together with Marlink – the pioneer of business critical communication solutions for customers operating in remote environments – to launch a next-generation connectivity for MSC Cruises’ fleet with multi-band VSAT services.

Working with Marlink, MSC Cruises will provide dynamic bandwidth to its 12 existing ships as well as the next-generation ships currently under construction, including MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside. No matter the itinerary of the ships, the bandwidth will be able to accommodate seasonal fluctuations, thus optimising the dedicated ‘cloud of bandwidth’ available exclusively for MSC Cruises, ensuring all of the company’s ships will be covered by one of the satellites that create a global service.

MSC Cruises’ extensive bandwidth upgrade has been implemented to meet the growing demand from guests for fast social media and web access, access to work and streaming services. Marlink’s new services will provide unmatched levels of connectivity for MSC Cruises guests throughout the company’s itineraries the world over.

This announcement reflects MSC Cruises’ position as an innovative and forward-thinking cruise line by offering one of the most advanced guest connectivity services available at sea. With several hundred Mbit/s available in Marlink’s Sealink Cloud, MSC Cruises will deliver a whole new online experience for guests that are hungrier than ever for cost-effective, reliable Internet access for various usages while enjoying their holidays.

Gianni Onorato, MSC Cruises CEO commented: ““We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and enhance guest experience aboard what is already the most modern fleet at sea. Working with Marlink, we are rolling out state-of-the-art technology to allow them to stay connected whether they are looking to share experiences and memorable moments, stay in touch with friends and family, need to stay on top of work emails or simply catch up with daily news.”

Marlink is installing a multi-band satellite communications solution that combines capacity on new Ku-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) and traditional Ku-band widebeam satellites. The new services will allow fast, reliable access to the web – including of course social media sites – for guests across MSC Cruises’ 12 cruise ships. The upgrade builds on MSC Cruises already highly advanced VSAT network with new high throughput modems and network configuration designed to handle huge amounts of capacity from different satellite operators.

“Connectivity is today one of the most important aspects of the cruise guest experience. In order to provide seamless global access, with high availability for all users, together with MSC Cruises we are currently deploying the most advanced cruise ship VSAT network seen to date,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink. “MSC Cruises will be the first fleet-wide VSAT network to dynamically integrate 'a cloud' of satellite capacity, ensuring the availability of high bandwidth for thousands of guests, wherever they are cruising.”

Reflecting Marlink’s role as the leading provider of business critical communication solutions for maritime and land customers, this latest service upgrade for MSC Cruises also includes satellite back-up services for MSC Cruises offices on shore and integration of terrestrial services for improved redundancy.

Scanship sells total clean ship systems to two ships to be built in Italy

Scanship Holding ASA has through its subsidiary Scanship AS, been awarded contracts for delivery of total clean ship system for two cruise vessels at an Italian shipyard.

The main delivery of equipment will take place in 2017 and in 2018. The total clean ship system includes process technology for foodwaste, garbage and wastewater, the company said in a statement.

It did not provide further details. In the past, it has sold equipment e.g. to Viking Ocean Cruises.

Ship repairer BLRT Grupp acquires 235 metre floating dock

BLRT Grupp, the listed Estonian ship repairer that carries out refits of cruise ferries, says it has acquired a floating dock from the Adriatic Shipyard Bijela in Montenegro, which will be installed in the Western Shipyard, located in Klaipeda.

A new dock with dimensions of 235 meters in length and 45 meters in width will be the largest in the Baltic States. It opens up new opportunities for the ship owners and shipyards in repair and modernization of Panamax- type ships.

BLRT Grupp comprises three ship repair yards in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland. It has one dry dock and eight floating docks and the newly acquired dock is the group’s ninth and the largest floating dock.

“One of the main task of developing strategy of the ship repair yards, belonging the BLRT Grupp, is providing services to the ship owners at the most favorable site. Nowadays the concern can service the big vessels in its dry dock in Turku Repair Yard in Finland, which is the largest in the Northern Europe. From now on this opportunity will also receive the ship owners in Klaipeda,“ said Igor Kond, the Member of the Board of BLRT Grupp and the Chairman of the Council of Directors of Ship Repair Yards.

"An acquisition of dock is one part of a joint project of BLRT Grupp and Klaipeda State Port, started in 2015, which is dedicated to development of the capacity of the port infrastructure, BLRT Grupp and other operators, located in the port,“ he added.

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